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Pique to Host Artist Talk and 24 Hour Comic Event

Covington's newest art gallery, Pique, has announced two upcoming shows at its space in Covington. Here are the details:
Artist Talk: September 23, 7:09 pm
Joseph Morris of Torc Press and Clint Basinger of Cosmic Moustache Comics will talk about all things relating to their show, work, friendship and of course, comics. The galleries will open before and after the talk. This is a free event.
24 Hour Comic Event: September 24-25, 11:06 am-11:06 am
Joseph Morris and Clint Basinger will each create a 24 hour comic book based on prompts for PIQUE patrons. Anyone is welcome to stop by anytime during the event to participate, watch, and or cheer on. Even if you only want to participate for a few hours instead of 24 - that's ok, too! This is a free event.

Main Gallery: SuperNova Sequentials 

Clint Basinger, creator of Cosmic Moustache Comics, and Joseph Morris, creator of Torc Press, merge their mighty comic creating powers for SuperNova Sequentials. Journey into their wildly creative world filled with unique sci-fi, fantasy, pulp, and super heroes. You'll see original comic pages, process art, and new cosmic painting collaborations.

Community Gallery: Climbing the Steps of INC 

Local artist Jonathan Hancock provides a looking glass into the world of INC. The International Noise Conference takes place every year in Miami, Florida, at the beginning of February. This exhibition documents the years 2013 and 2014. A timeline of INC's weeklong conference exposes viewers to the underground performers. Progressing through the exhibit, the portraits give notoriety to performers that remain unnamed.  

Pique is located at 210 Pike Street in Covington. The space is an open-ended art experiment featuring shows, workshops, classes, and events. .

For more information, visit

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