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$5K Grants Up for Grabs for Creative Community Project Ideas

From the Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington:

We are excited to announce that our next round of Creative Community Grants from the Center for Great Neighborhoods is now open!

As a reminder, this is our grant program that awards up to $5,000 to artists or creatives that propose a creative solution to a topic that is identified by the community. In this funding round we are focusing on the topic of inclusion.


Covington is made up of a population of people that are culturally, economically, situationally, and creatively diverse. We want to fund projects that highlight the uniqueness of our residents, while working towards making everyone feel welcome in the community. 

All of you receiving this email have either received support from, expressed an interest in, or supported this program in the past, and we are asking you to take on an even bigger role in this next round. Because the theme for this round is inclusion, we want to reach out to artists or organizations that might be able to come up with a project that addresses the topic from a unique perspective.

Maybe this is you, an artist you know, or a group you work with. The grant application is attached and is on our website here:

We are asking you to either forward this email to artists you think would be interested, suggest people or organizations that might be appropriate to reach out to, or share our post about the application on Facebook:

A couple of more things about the grant that are important to know:

  1. We are willing to spend time with any applicant developing an idea, creating a proposal, and making sure that it fits into the Covington fabric.
  2. Applicants DO NOT have to be from or have a connection to Covington but the project DOES have to take place in Covington.
  3. We are more than willing to help introduce artists to the community and develop an appropriate project.

We really appreciate your help getting the word out about the program so that we can have the best possible group of projects to bring to the community.

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