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When Kenton Deputy Was Attacked, These 2 Citizens Helped

A concerned mother called 911 when she saw that her son had been using heroin again. 

Kenton County Sheriff's Deputy Gene Lovensheimer responded to the Greenup Street home in Covington but the woman's son and a friend were not cooperative. The friend fled the scene but the woman's son picked a fight with Lovensheimer.

While the tall deputy was able to hold his own with the man, he saw the second man returning to the scene and worried that he would be doubled-up. That's when he accepted the offer of two other men passing by who asked if Lovensheimer needed help.

Timothy Wolfe, Sr. and Andrew Beard assisted Lovensheimer in restraining both men before the street became filled with police cruisers once word spread through dispatch that an officer had been assaulted. 

"They held on to the other guy while I was fooling around with him and then my backup came," Lovensheimer said. The man who fled the scene was arrested for his role, but the woman's son whose heroin use prompted the original call ended up facing more serious charges, including assault of an officer.

On Tuesday, Kenton County Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn presented Beard and Wolfe with a certificate of appreciation and made each of them honorary deputies.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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