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Dayton Schools Enjoy Solid Finances, Prepare for Possible Mandated Raises

The Dayton Independent Schools Board of Education approved a working budget of approximately $8 million at last week's regular meeting.

Members also okayed a contingency fund of about 10 percent.

"Well, it does sound like a lot, but in reality, when you start to pay bills, the amount of money would go quickly," said Superintendent Jay Brewer. "Also we are trying to anticipate the state's possible mandates of pay raises, like the two percent they told us we had to do last year. Even though they gave us one percent, we still have to budget for this. But it is the best contingency fund we have seen in a few years."

Dayton High School principal Jeremy Dodd spoke about the test scores from the CERTS testing, the system that the school switched to from the MAPS testing because it related better to the ACT system of testing. Dodd and Brewer believe that the CERTS testing will aid teachers in being able to determine how college-ready the students are, a critical determination. Since it is the first year for the new testing, it was not as easy to tell where the scores were supposed to be, but Dodd said he thought the scores were about where they thought they should be.

Architect Ehmet Hayes gave a presentation on a potential renovation of Dayton High School, and a budget was discussed but nothing was decided.

Ron Kinmon, Director of Student Services, reported that the district attendance is 888, and he mentioned that attendance was down across the state. He said that incentives are being planned to raise attendance, and popcorn parties could be the prize.

Jacob Rauf was given his diploma at the meeting. He was an online student and came up a few credits short in June, so he worked hard to complete the credits to receive his diploma. Athlete of the month is Megan Downard, and employee of the month is Tim Chenot. Several students from both Lincoln Elementary and Dayton High School were honored as star students of the month. Phillip McDaniel was artist of the month.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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