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New Exhibit at Covington Arts Opens on October 23

On Friday, October 23, a new exhibit is will open at the Covington Arts gallery in downtown Covington.

Face/ Earth is a collection of works which demonstrates the diversity of process and vision, curated by Jennifer Grote. The four unique area painters showcase their own perspectives on the process of creating art. Abstract Expressionism has had a great influence on artists today. Each artist in this exhibition has chosen to take from this movement something personal, a fragment which they can relate to, and use it to express themselves. The journey of making the work is just as important as the art itself. Each allows things to happen on the canvas, spontaneous and subconscious. 

Featured Artists
Lish Emley
Mary Barr Rhodes
Lori Sears Beer
Clara Harkavy

The exhibit will run from October 23 - November 27. To RSVP for the opening reception, which will be held from 6:00 - 9:00 pm on October 23, click here.

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