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Silver Grove Signs 4-Year Agreement with County Police, Raises Waste Collection Fee

The City of Silver Grove has moved forward with its plan to dissolve the police department.

Mayor Neal Bedel signed a contract with Campbell County which will now provide full-time police protection for the city. The agreement is for four years and will offer varied shifts and hours that can be changed with prior notice.

The decision follows months of meetings and public discussions.

In other news, a motion carried unanimously by Silver Grove City Council last Thursday evening set the following tax rates: real estate property at .209 percent of each $100 assessed valuation for real estate, .206 percent of each $100 assessed valuation of motor vehicles, and .175 percent of each $100 assessed valuation for personal property.  

Furthermore, the waste collection rate has increased eight dollars, from $150 to $158 annually.

Director of Zoning & Planning, Cindy Minter, discussed the Campbell County and Municipal Comprehensive Plan Update for 2015. She added that the county zoning board recommended that the surrounding cities of Crestview, Melbourne, Southgate and Woodlawn, in addition to the Campbell County Fiscal Court, adopt the proposed Vision, Goals and Objectives of Campbell County Plan.

The Hazard Mitigation Plan was also discussed and if the city participates, it will earn points toward the Community Rating System, which can assist in lowering residents’ flood insurance rates. The Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Geological Survey will spend a day in Silver Grove to do an analysis of the city. The survey will be performed sometime during October-November.

The purchase of a new public address system and heater to be used at city events was approved by council.

-Jason Finnell, RCN contributor

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