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Dayton to Re-pave These Streets, Fix These Curbs

Road maintenance was the big topic at this month's meeting of the Dayton City Council.

The money for the maintenance project is provided by the state's municipal road aid fund. The budget is being set at $200,000 as of now. City Administrator Michael Giffen feels very good about the financial situation in regards to the road work plans. “I’m very confident in setting the budget at $200,000,” said Griffen.

Below is a list of the streets the city plans to re­pave:

  • Chateau Drive
  • Rose Drive Intersection
  • Lower Belmont
  • Dayton Pike from Lincoln to Rose
  • Dayton Pike by Riverpointe
  • Riverpointe Drive (small section)
  • 300 Block of 9th Avenue
  • 600 Block of 7th Avenue
  • 700 & 800 Block of 7th Avenue
  • Intersection of 7th Avenue and Berry Street
  • 1300 Block of 6th Avenue
  • Fairview Avenue
  • O’Fallon Avenue from 6th towards River
  • Maple Avenue
  • Ervin Terrace & 9th Avenue
  • Dayton Avenue & Brooklyn Avenue

The only issue that came up in regards to the streets listed here was about O’Fallon Avenue. One side of O’Fallon Avenue is located in Dayton, but the other side is in Bellevue. "Dayton will do the neighborly thing and pay for the repavement of O’Fallon Avenue,” said Griffen. The reason Dayton isn't asking for assistance from Bellevue is because the damage on the street is largely due to trucks that are being used for the Manhattan Harbour development in Dayton.

The city also plans to fix curbs throughout the city. Below is a list of the curbs the city plans to fix:

  • O’Fallon from 6th Avenue towards River
  • 7th Avenue and Dayton Pike
  • Belmont Street to Dayton Avenue
  • 6th Avenue and Boone Street
  • Dayton Avenue to Cottonwood
  • 800 Block of 7th Avenue

After discussing the road work plans, the council switched gears and held a public hearing for a Dayton resident who was denied a handicap parking spot in front of his house. The reason he was originally denied was because he did not own a vehicle. Although he still does not own a vehicle, he claims he needs the spot available for when he gets picked up and dropped off. After a brief statement from the resident, the council voted unanimously in his favor.

Following the public hearing, the council voted on several ordinances that were presented.

  • Ordinance 2015­14 was approved by all city council members. This order was a cooperation agreement for infrastructure projects between the City of Dayton and the Sanitation District. This ordinance allows Dayton and the Sanitation District to work together on projects without having to go through the state first, saving money and time as a result.
  • Ordinance 2015­12 is an ordinance in partnership with the Sanitation District in regards to private lateral sewer lines. Because of concerns from the council, it was decided to motion to table this issue until the next city council meeting. The council unanimously voted yes to table the ordinance.
  • Ordinance 2015­13 is a cooperation agreement with the Northern Kentucky Water District. This ordinance replicates Ordinance 2015­14, except it is in relationship with the Northern Kentucky Water District instead of the Sanitation District.

To conclude the meeting on Tuesday night, members of the community were given a chance to speak at the podium. One gentleman spoke of a community garden. The garden is a piece of property that the city has given to the community for anyone to grow vegetables as they please.

There are multiple people working very hard on helping this garden grow. Unfortunately, they need more volunteers to sustain it, and eventually expand. The property is located on the 100 Block of 3rd Street, across the street from East Dayton Baptist Church. If there’s anything you can do to help, i’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to attend the next city council meeting, it will be held on the first Tuesday in November.

Written by Patrick Henke, RCN contributor