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Erlanger Prepares for Grocery Store Closing, New Logo

Erlanger City Council listened to the first reading of an ordinance which changes the zoning of the 10.8 acre area at the end of Viox road from Highway Commercial or HC­2 with developmental plans to HC­2 without developmental plans. This area originally had a developmental plan for Tom Gill Chevrolet, and keeping that plan meant that no other business except possibly a car dealership could locate on that site. Since the site is going to be a behavioral center, the original plan had to be eliminated.

Mayor Tyson Hermes also announced that the old Showcase Cinemas building has been torn down to make way for the new center.

Council passed a resolution which removed the developmental plans for Dixie Highway, since the 5/3 Bank closed and Aldi is set to close, and as in the other case, with developmental plans only a like business can locate on the site.

A second resolution passed which amended the map and text for Kenton Lands road, and the last resolution allows the city to apply for an Administrative Technical Assistance Grant to start engineering work on the intersection of Donaldson road and Viox road. If they get the federal grant the city will be able to envision a conceptual layout of the area as traffic increases and address environmental concerns. Whatever the project costs, the grant will pay for 80 percent and the city will pay for 20 percent.

An ordinance codifying the years' ordinances was passed into law, and a municipal order amending personnel policies was passed.

In other business, Councilwoman Patty Suedkamp was honored for her 35 years of service to the city. Police Chief Tony Wilson presented her with a pin and a hug, and a teasing reminder of how long she has been here.

"I have never regretted my service for one single second," Suedkamp said emotionally. "I want to remind everyone who pays taxes that they pay to live in the greatest city!"

Dale Wilson received his 15 year pin and Jim Molley, who was not present, will receive his ten year pin.

New firefighter/medic Bian Schwartz took the oath of office while his mom held the bible and his family looked on proudly.

Mayor Hermes proclaimed October breast cancer awareness month, and the proclamation was given to Janet Chambers, who owns and operates I Have Wings, an organization in Erlanger that provides much needed support in many ways to families who have just been diagnosed with cancer.

He proclaimed October to be Fire Prevention month, and November 1 to be Extra Mile day. He also proclaimed October 18 to 24 to be freedom from workplace bullying week in Erlanger.

Mayor Hermes said that there is a vacancy on the Board of Adjustments and asked anyone interested in property and zoning to apply to volunteer to be on the board.

Becky Hopkins introduced the subject of a new uniform logo for the city and asked Council for $5500 to enlist professional help to design a logo that will translate to signage, paper, city vehicles and uniform patches. Council agreed to fund the search for a new logo.

Fifteen hundred dollars was raised to help refurbish the caboose for Railroad Park, and the check was presented to Historical Society vice President Paul Dusing, who said the money will go toward making the caboose an annex of the museum.

Finally, trick or treat hours in Erlanger will be October 31 from 6 to 8 pm. There will also be a party at the Elanger Library on October 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at which costumes are encouraged.

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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Chief Tony Wilson presents Patty Suedkamp with her 35 year pin and some good natured ribbing.