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Ft. Wright Hears Plans for 2 New Office Buildings to Be Constructed

Fort Wright City Council gave the go-ahead for phase three at the Wright Summit building complex on Dixie Highway Wednesday evening, paving the way for two additional office buildings on the expansive plot of land across from St. Agnes School. Rick Wessels of Wessels Construction & Development Company Inc. presented his plans to Council on what the new additions will look like, saying building three will be substantially larger than building four and that construction would begin shortly if the measure passed.

(Councilman Bernie Wessels abstained from the vote.)

Also pertaining to the city’s business scene, a motion carried unanimously in regards to proposed changes to zoning ordinance codes, clearing the way – eventually, it must be noted – for business owners such as John Geisen of Izzy’s to have LED lighting on the top three sides of a building. City Administrator Gary Huff said the process will take an additional 2-3 months because it has yet to be approved by the Kenton County Planning Commission but will alleviate some of the confusing language in the city’s zoning ordinance law.

The Izzy's sign was a significant part of the discussion at the previous city council meeting.

Other Notes:

The ongoing construction project at the corner of Dixie Highway and Kyles Lane near Walgreens is moving forward, Tim Maloney informed council Wednesday evening. The city is trying to get the area temporarily cleaned up, he said, in preparation for winter and added that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has told him that spring 2016 will be when the project is resumed toward a permanent fix.

Police Chief Dan Kreinest gave a special commendation to Public Works employee Nick Zumdick, due to his swift action in the wee hours of the morning of September 17, responding to the hazmat spill that occurred on Interstate 75. Kreinest said Zumdick’s response enabled the stretch of the highway to open 1 ½ hours earlier than initially planned.

Mayor Dave Hatter proclaimed October 12, D&J Automotive Day in Fort Wright; October 13, Middendorf Funeral Home Day; October 14, Walt’s Hitching Post Day; October 15, Day. All made donations to the Police Department, enabling them to be outfitted with body cameras. Roger Schroeder of, purchased kids’ bounce houses for the city picnic.

The construction taking place on Beaumont Court should wrap up by the end of the month.

Fire Chief Steve Schewe strongly cautioned children of the neighborhood – and everyone – to notify the department and city immediately if it came across any needles strewn about in city parking lots and not to pick them up. Many of these needles carry traces of heroin, disease and are very dangerous, he said.

Schewe said it is an all-too-common sight, highlighting the region’s troubling epidemic.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor