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Cool Pieces to be Sold at HomeFest Furniture Sale on Monday

HomeFest Manhattan Harbour will end at 6pm on Sunday, October 18. While the event may be coming to a close, those that have experienced particular furniture pieces that they would like to make their own can do so on Monday, October 19 at the After HomeFest Furniture Sale. 

“Every year visitors to HomeFest discover furniture and accessories that they simply cannot leave behind,” said Brian Miller, Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky. “Visitors should take heart knowing that they have the chance to make that special item part of their home."

All five homes are not guaranteed to be open to participate in the sale. Shoppers need to know that the show will be breaking down while the sale is going on so they should be careful to avoid show elements that are being deconstructed. Those purchasing large items will need to make arrangements with the furniture companies and designers to have the items delivered to their location. Smaller items, such as accessory pieces, can be taken off site during the sale. Pricing for items is independent of the show and of the association and is determined by the designers and furniture companies participating in the sale.

The sale will be held Monday, October 19 from 10am-12pm.

Staff report/Photo: HomeFest home (RCN file)