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St. E Receives Major Gift for Clinical Research Institute

A major gift of $500,000 and an additional challenge gift of $500,000 from Dr. Tony Zembrodt and Mrs. Geraldine Zembrodt has been committed to St. Elizabeth for the creation of the Clinical Research Institute.

The focus of the Clinical Research Institute at St. Elizabeth is to provide comprehensive research programs in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. The gifts will help enhance clinical research in Northern Kentucky through start-up costs, new medical equipment, advanced computer and data systems and some of the patient-related costs not covered by research fees.

The Institute will make available to patients in the region new devices, drugs and procedures that are being tested and may otherwise not be available within our region for five to ten years. Phase III research is defined as the point when the drug or treatment is given to large groups of people to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects, compare it to commonly used treatments, and collect information that will allow the drug to be used safely in the future.

Clinical research has been at the heart of all medical advancements in the United States. There are presently 74,402 registered studies in the United States year-to-date. This Institute will greatly expand the number of trials provided within the region.

“With the development of a Clinical Research Institute and collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, we are able to bring cutting-edge clinical research in all aspects of medicine and surgery to help our physicians provide our patients with an advanced level of care,” says Dr. D.P. Suresh, Physician Leader of the Clinical research Institute at St. Elizabeth. “Clinical research opens the door to a better way to prevent, detect and treat disease with the introduction of new drugs, medicines, medical devices and surgical techniques.”

“After visiting the Mayo Clinic recently, we became convinced that St. Elizabeth is and will be offering unique research opportunities to our community,” said Tony and Gerry Zembrodt. “We are both excited and honored to contribute to the future of St. Elizabeth as the premium hospital in the area.”

“We very much appreciate this generous gift from the Zembrodt’s,” said Garren Colvin, President and Chief Executive Officer. “They have challenged us to raise the $5 million goal toward the Clinical Research Institute by the end of August 2016. We look forward to reaching that goal and expanding care options for patients in our region.”

From St. Elizabeth Hospital/Image via Facebook