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There's a Mayor's Race in Cold Spring & These 2 Want the Job

It's not just Jack Conway and Matt Bevin, and the rest of the Kentucky constitutional offices on the ballot in Cold Spring.

There's a mayor's race, too. That's because former Mayor Nancy Bay resigned earlier this year and former Mayor Mark Stoeber returned to the office until an election could be held. Stoeber opted not to run for a full term.

This year’s candidates for Cold Spring mayor are David “Angelo” Penque, who also ran in 2014, and Jerry Sandfoss, the former fire chief in Cold Spring. The River City News caught up with them to ask them why they are running for mayor and what their top three issues are.

Name: David “Angelo” Penque

Hometown: Cold Spring, KY

Number of years living in Cold Spring: Almost five years.

Why are you running for Mayor of Cold Spring?: Because I’m the most qualified to continue the growth of Cold Spring.

What are your top three issues you want to tackle as Mayor of Cold Spring?: Number one is safety. Number two is keeping the taxes the same they are now. Number three is backing the police department to make sure they have what they need to keep the city safe.

Name: Jerry Sandfoss

Hometown: Cold Spring, KY

Number of years living in Cold Spring: 38 years

Why are you running for Mayor of Cold Spring?: I just retired as the fire chief here and I spent 46 years in public service and I like the way things have happened in the city and I just want to give back to the community that’s been great to me and my family all of these years. I certainly have the experience. I’ve worked with four different city councils throughout the years (Ft. Thomas, Highland Heights, Cold Spring, and Crestview) and now that I’m retired, I have the time to be a full-time mayor and I want to give back to the great city that has been great to us. It’s a great city to live in a raise your kids and I just want to keep it a quaint city that it is.

What are your top three issues you want to tackle as Mayor of Cold Spring?: The top issue is the heroin epidemic. I’ve seen it first-hand here as fire chief; work right alongside the police with drug overdoses so that’s our main issue. My main goal is the drug problem and the crime associated with that, shoplifting and those kind of things. So, I say that we have a two-prong situation where we have to educate the kids and the students, plus you have to make sure the police department has everything at their disposal. My second goal is to keep our neighborhoods safe. And the third thing is to make sure our residents have enough things to do. We’re bringing back the Cruise-in, which is great. We used to have a fishing derby with police and fire. I’d like to see maybe bringing that back. So, a little bit more activities but I’m concerned about budget, keeping taxes low, and my main goal is public safety.

-Clayton Castle, RCN contributor