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BallotReady: Group Comes to Northern Kentucky to Inform Voters

A new nonprofit is in Kentucky this week to make sure that voters head to the polls on Tuesday fully informed about the candidates.

BallotReady, a nonpartisan online voter guide to local elections, kicked off its "Vote Informed" tour and will visit 6 colleges in 6 days leading up to Tuesday's vote. On Monday, the organization visited Northern Kentucky University.

The startup’s two female founders will engage students in every Kentucky region on all the candidates on their ballot.

BallotReady launched its first-in-the-nation pilot for the Kentucky election October 19. Backed by David Axelrod (the political strategist credited with helping President Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination and the presidency in 2008) and the National Science Foundation, BallotReady’s mission is to make it easy to vote informed on every candidate on the ballot. 

“Nationally, over 30% of voters show up at the voting booth but fail to complete their entire ballot,” said BallotReady co-founder and CEO Alex Niemczewski. “Right now it’s almost impossible to enter the voting booth fully prepared. I founded BallotReady because I believe that every elected official matters.”

Niemczewski visited The River City News in Covington on Monday and talked about BallotReady's plans:

BallotReady will also visit Berea College, Centre College, Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University. This past fall, students at Eastern Kentucky University volunteered their time to research and enter content on candidates. Using this information, a voter can then compare candidates based on what they care about, save their ballot to their phone, and enter the voting booth prepared. 

“For many local races, too many people vote just by guessing,” Niemczewski said. “While there’s a high profile governor’s race in Kentucky, many people are still undecided about the five other positions on the ballot.” She said that she is excited to talk with students and continue to build a tool to help voters complete their entire ballot every election.

-Staff report

Image via BallotReady Facebook