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No U-Turn Sign to Be Erected in Ft. Mitchell Where Drivers Go to Avoid Traffic

Fort Mitchell resident Dave Hentz recently attended a St. Elizabeth Hospital seminar on how to handle a heart attack, where city Fire/EMS personnel were present and the idea dawned on him: In the event of a health emergency, he asked a firefighter which route they take when responding to a call within his place of residence, Fort Mitchell Place. Crossing the train tracks can present its share of challenges, he told Council.

“You can’t pop across the railroad tracks at certain times because of the train there. Sometimes it’s a single engine going down, no big deal…Sometimes a train comes down when another one comes up and that gate doesn’t go up for five, 10 minutes. Sometimes a train is parked there for 25-30 minutes – now what happens?"

Told that they back up the truck, Hentz said that isn’t feasible at all times because of cars behind it and Beechwood Road being narrow. “Timing is of the essence. Could we not call Villa Hills and work out a deal with them?,” he asked council. “They’re right up the road. There’s no impediment to getting there as soon as possible,” he said, adding that Ft. Mitchell covers Lakeside Park and Crestview Hills, so a collaboration is not without precedent. While a decision was not made Monday, council unanimously agreed that Hentz brought forth a valid point and will further discuss the issue at its next meeting.

A first reading was introduced Monday evening, taking another step toward erecting a No U-Turn sign near the intersection of Royal Drive and Buttermilk Pike, where many vehicles make an illegal turn upon exiting from I-75 north in hopes of avoiding traffic. Since no sign is present, city police are unable to take action on offending vehicles. “If you look on Buttermilk, there’s a barrier now that goes along there and that was put up because people were coming off and getting back onto the entrance ramp. We deterred that but now have just pushed it back,” Mayor Jude Hehman said. 

Other Notes:

City Administrator Sharmili Reddy said that the first round of interviews for the fire chief’s position will take place this week with six candidates in the running.

Council will be working with businesses within the city to update their information on Google Maps to avoid the common issue of arriving at a location only to find out it isn’t there anymore or had the wrong hours listed as part of its information within Maps. “This is sort of a nice package for us to work with Google and make sure everyone is on the same page,” she said.

Blessed Sacrament and Beechwood Elementary Schools were distinguished as Blue Ribbon Schools for academic excellence.

-Jason Finnell, RCN contributor