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Silver Grove Eliminates Funding for Police, Seeks Grant for New Sidewalk

Sewers have been a hot-button issue at numerous meetings around Northern Kentucky lately and Silver Grove was no exception on Thursday evening. Resident Scott Graham of Drees Homes brought forth a complaint to the city council, stating that he suspected the Northern Kentucky Water District damaged a sewer lateral on his property. “From all indications, the damage points to the Northern Kentucky Water District accidentally damaging the sewer lateral. We found PVC tape in the vicinity of the break, we found sand in the vicinity of the break, and in 1926 when that sewer lateral was installed, those materials would not have been used,” Graham told council. “…I feel I’ve gone above and beyond. I’m not looking to gain anything, not looking to charge for my time, my services. The contractors that came down to do the work for me, they did not profit from it. They did it strictly on time and material…I’m talking about $3,744 dollars and I am here to obtain reimbursement,” he pleaded.

But despite his pleas, Graham will likely have to take his beef to the Water District once again (though they’ve turned him away), City Attorney Cameron Blau said, adding that it is not a city issue and it could not repay him, which would risk opening up a “Pandora’s box” if it did so. “We’ll agree to disagree,” Graham ended. 

Regarding the city’s police department, which will be eliminated in favor of county patrols, a 3-1 motion carried Thursday evening, repealing an original ordinance which established Silver Grove’s law enforcement agency. Council members Paul Lindon, Joe Pelle, and Kay Wright voted for the motion and David Bass, against. It is worth noting that the elimination of the aforementioned ordinance does not eliminate the police department yet but it eliminates its funding. Moreover, on January 1, 2016, Silver Grove will officially no longer have a patrol presence in Melbourne.

Other Notes:

Another grant is in the works for the city that would give it an additional sidewalk that would reach Dollar General, down to 500 River Road, Pelle said. The project will get underway at some point in 2016, he added. This sidewalk will aid in the community’s kids having a safe route on which to walk to school – something it has been missing for years.  

A strip of property next to Chief Sayers Park where a group of construction equipment sits and which will be auctioned off this Saturday, November 7. Code Enforcement Officer John Lauber told Council that he’s been unsuccessful in trying to sell the idle equipment, but pointed out that many in the community were aware of the auction and there’s been a steady stream of citizens and others stopping down to check it out. He’s hoping once the equipment is cleared out, the city can clear some of the weeds that have grown in and around the area.

-Jason Finnell, RCN contributor