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UDF to Donate Over 400 Gallons of Milk to NKY Shelter

The United Dairy Farmers in Bellevue has committed to donating 20 gallons of milk each week from Friday, November 6, through the end of March to the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky (ESNKY).

Shelter staff will pick up the first donation of 20 gallons of milk Friday.

"This is a tremendous donation, and we are so grateful and thankful for this very generous contribution from United Dairy Farmers," said ESNKY Executive Director Kim Webb. "Milk is one of the most-requested, yet least-donated items for homeless shelters and food pantries. Milk is one of the basics in most people's lives, but not everyone has access to a warm bed, a hot meal and a glass of milk on a cold winter night.

"We believe homelessness is an emergency and that shelter is a basic necessity for human beings," Webb said. "We believe that only when this basic necessity is provided, do human beings have the ability to recover from homelessness."

ESNKY is a non-profit organization thatsaves lives and assists individuals in their recovery from homelessness. ESNKY continues to be the only emergency cold shelter in Northern KY. Since the shelter began operating in the winter of 2008, no homeless individuals have died from exposure to cold weather. The shelter provides sleeping rooms, facilities for basic hygiene (shower/laundry), food provisions, nursing care, and support groups, working to take the homeless off the street and to find permanent housing for these individuals.

Volunteers prepare, donate, and serve the nightly meal and provide other services to the shelter’s guests. Last winter, ESNKY served 477 guests at its shelter – an average of 72 men and women a night, while volunteer hours and donations generated an estimated $90,000 of service.

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