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Report: Cincinnati Region Behind Peer Cities on Transportation

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Agenda 360 initiative, Skyward, and Urban Land Institute on Tuesday released The Connected Region; a Transit Regional Indicators Report. Like all Regional Indicators Reports, The Connected Region compares the Cincinnati Metro area with 11 peer cities that Greater Cincinnati competes with for people and jobs (Austin, Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, Louisville, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Raleigh and St. Louis).

Key findings include:

  • Competitive regions that out-perform Cincinnati on top indicators of economic strength tend to top the transit indicators as well.
  • Minneapolis, Denver, and Pittsburgh have spent the most on public transit in recent years and also have the highest ridership rates. Minneapolis and Denver are consistently at the top of the Regional Indicators Reports. Pittsburgh is attracting young professionals more than twice as fast as the Cincinnati region. 
  • Nationwide, Millennials (18-34) are taking fewer trips, shorter trips and a larger share of trips by modes other than driving. 

Locally, Millennials are still driving at a high rate, but growth of Millennial drivers has been slowing along with national trends. 

The full report is embedded below.

“First and foremost, our transit systems need to better connect more people in our region to jobs and essential services,” said Mary Stagaman, Vice President for Regional Initiatives for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “As the Chamber focuses more effort on attraction and retention of talent, especially Millennials, a more robust transit system will also make us more attractive and competitive.

“We know that Millennials are the first generation to show a preference for living without a car and aging baby boomers may turn to transit as an option as they leave the suburbs for urban environments."

About the Regional Indicators Reports

The Regional Indicators Reports are jointly issued by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Agenda 360 and Skyward (formerly Vision 2015). All the reports provide data on the 15-county Cincinnati region and compare our position to 11 regions that the region competes with for talent and jobs.

The first RIR was the catalyst for the creation of Cintrifuse and the Fund of Funds, and a report on diversity in the local talent pool has brought more than 150 companies and organizations together to work on improving the diversity and inclusion in the region.

For the Transit Regional Indicators Report, Agenda 360 and Skyward also partnered with the Urban Land Institute.

“The need for reliable and efficient transit corridors was a community priority identified during the myNKY public engagement process,” said Bill Scheyer, President of Skyward.  “When communities invest in finding ways to integrate sustainable transit options into their lives, everyone wins."

-Staff report

Photo via Cincinnati Streetcar Facebook page

Cincinnati 2015 Regional Indicators Report: Transit by TheRCnews