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ReNewport Seeks Input on Proposals for City's Quality of Life

Almost a year and a half into the Quality of Life Process in Newport, now known as ReNewport, our community has accomplished amazing things. We started off as a small coalition of community members interviewing residents and business owners of the city, to gather their experience of Newport, our strengths and opportunities as well as our challenges. 

This led to a large, public meeting to share the collected stories and engage the over 200 community members in detailing their visions for the future of Newport. These same community members, our neighbors, continued to work in small groups to translate their passion and ideas into a plan, a set of strategies for our city.

We are now well into our planning efforts, with community members split into six groups: Economic Development; Housing; Education; Community Engagement; Parks, Recreation & Beautification; and Health, Wellness & Safety. Each has devoted countless hours to refine their vision, develop specific strategies to reach that goal, and find partners to support these efforts. We are on track to have these plans done by the end of the year and roll them out in early 2016. 

In the meantime, we would love for you to tell us what you think. See us in person at the Carnegie Library at 403 Monmouth Street in Newport on Thursday, November 12 to see the proposals and share your thoughts. And, if you can’t make it in person, reach out to us at any time to give feedback, get involved or learn more: [email protected] or 859-491-8303 ext. 2421.

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