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Airport Land May Be Developed; Florence Moves Forward on Senior Apartment Project

At a special meeting Tuesday evening Florence City Council listened to the first reading of an ordinance that would annex approximately 177.402 acres of land to the east and west of Ted Bushelman Boulevard, and south of Aero Parkway, and northeast of Edgehill Road. The land belongs to the airport, and will still belong to the airport, but once the ordinance is final the parcel of land will have immediate access to police and fire.

"The property is basically the land between Aero Parkway and Houston Road," said Josh Wice, Director of Business and Community Development. "This is property the airport wants to develop. Nothing has been publicly decided on what is going in there, but it has generated a lot of interest."

Another ordinance which was read for the first time after discussion is one that changes the approved concept development plan for a 4.1491-acre area south of Vandercar Drive and west of Seligman Drive in order to put a senior citizen residential apartment building on the site.

The area is in the Donaldson Study Corridor Overlay and is zoned Commercial 2.

"This is for a senior independent living facility," said Wice. "We have another one under construction right now at Ewing and Dream Streets, and one that is already built on Main Street. We also have a few older senior living facilities."

Both ordinances will have their second reading on Tuesday, November 17 at a special meeting.

Mayor Diane Whalen also pronounced November 1, 2015 to be Extra Mile Day, and commended everyone who does go the extra mile in his or her own life, as well as those who are inspirational to others.

Whalen also proclaimed November 28 as Small Business Saturday and encouraged everyone to go out that day and patronize small businesses in Florence.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor