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Principal at Holmes Middle School Leaving but Not Sure When

Holmes Middle School principal Sean Bohannon is leaving his position at the school but it remains unclear when.

At the Site-Based Decision Making Council meeting on Thursday at the middle school, the question was asked to the Council if the members would like to find and hire an interim principal to finish out the year before posting the opening for the permanent job, or to post the listing now and find an immediate replacement right away.

Bohannon said that he is willing to stay on for an indeterminate amount of time while the search for his replacement begins, but when teacher representatives Sara Clifford and Laura McMullen asked Superintendent Alvin Garrison if Bohannon could stay for the remainder of the year, both men agreed that they had to meet again in private to determine if that was a possibility.

“We would need to have further discussion,” Bohannon said when asked if he could stay on for the remainder of this school year.

Garrison said that if an interim principal were hired, that person could be considered for the permanent job if the Council were satisfied with their work but that it may be difficult to find the ideal candidate in the short term.

“I think it would be tough to find a qualified applicant right now, because most qualified applicants have a job. You might find some assistant principals out there ready to take on a principal job and they would have to get out of their contract,” Garrison said.

By the end of the meeting, it was decided that the Council would have a few more weeks to mull over the options before making a decision. In that time, the Council is hopeful that Garrison and Bohannon have the chance to discuss how long Bohannon could stay on as principal while the search for his replacement continues.

Bohannon is a 1987 graduate of Holmes High School.

-Bryan Burke, associate editor

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