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It's Open! See Inside the New Covington Chipotle

At long last, Covington has its new Chipotle.

Fans of the casual burrito chain have been awaiting its opening since The River City News broke the news of its forthcoming arrival back in August, 2014. The new location on Fourth Street between Bakewell and Philadelphia Streets downtown also includes a new Wendy's, but not a new Arby's that was originally planned to go with them.

The new Wendy's and Chipotle, with their sleek, modern designs, are part of a surge in makeovers in Covington's fast food district. The Taco Bell and the Burger King nearby have also undergone significant renovations.

A building that historically housed a Roy Rogers restaurant and then a cigarette shop was torn down to make way for the development. The Smilin' Smoker moved a block away.

The new Chipotle opened in Covington this week.

-Staff report

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