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Florence Annexes Parcel of Airport Property

Florence city council voted to annex an approximately 177.402 acre parcel of land at a special meeting Tuesday night. The property is located on the east and west sides of Ted Bushelman Boulevard, and on the south side of Aero Parkway as well as the northeast side of Edgehill Road, a parcel which belongs to the Airport, but property that could be in high demand for commercial development.

Mayor Diane Whalen said that the airport hopes to develop the property and it has generated interest but nothing has been forthcoming yet about possible deals.

In a related resolution, council also agreed to provide water and sewage for the annexed land and a few parcels of land to the north of Aero Parkway. The agreement is between City of Florence and the Kenton County Airport Board.

Additionally, council voted to approve a change in an approved concept development plan for a 4.1491 acre parcel of land generally located on the west side of Seligman Drive and to the south of the property at 1090 Vandercar Way to allow a senior citizen residential apartment development. This property is in a commercial two/ planned development/Houston-­Donaldson study corridor overlay zone so the project had to have a change in the approved concept development plan which they received at this second reading.

Mayor Whalen introduced the subject of employee pay plan step increases, and answered some questions clarifying that these step increases are an annual event and not all employees are touched by the increases. She said the money is budgeted for, and specified that there are typically 8 to 10 steps for employees beginning after the probationary period. Once the questions were answered, Council voted unanimously to accept the step increases, which will begin January 1.

Whalen announced that the tree lighting for the city will take place Tuesday December 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the city building, and there will be a band and choral concert at the city building on Sunday, December 13. She also reiterated that small business Saturday is November 28.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor