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Highland Heights Accepts State Funding for Senior Housing Development

The City of Highland Heights accepted a block grant from the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the construction of the Highland Village Senior Housing Development at its city council meeting on Tuesday night.

Tom Guidugli, executive director of Neighborhood Foundations, was in attendance to give council an update on the project, which was reported by The River City News in July.

Guidugli stated that the project was approved for a block grant for up to $500,000 of the construction costs. The development will be located in the northern part of Highland Heights.

In a resolution introduced by City Attorney Steve Franzen, council accepted the block grant funds.

The Commonwealth should officially approve the measure in the first week of December, according to Guidugli.

In July, council passed a resolution asking the Commonwealth for help with funding for the project. The July resolution asked for $500,000 in block grant funding for the construction of the center.

“A community without seniors is not a community,”  Mayor Greg Meyers said at the July meeting. “You are making many senior citizens happy today.”

Guidugli stated that construction should begin in April 2016 and have a 16-month construction cycle with the center opening in August 2017.

-Clayton Castle, RCN contributor