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Howard Continues Musical Rise with Stop in Covington

The up and coming folk/electronic band Howard, based out of Brooklyn, is coming to the Madison Theater on Saturday, November 21 to open for Houndmouth. It will be Howard’s first ever stop in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Earlier in the year, Howard released their debut album Religion which included the break out single “Money Can’t Buy”.

“Our debut came out in January, 2015. It’s been a pretty fun year for us. We had a single and shot up on Spotify. We recently got to tour Europe and now we're jumping on the West Coast tour with Houndmouth,” said vocalist and guitarist Howard Feibusch.

While the electronic presence in their sound is obvious, in general, the songs have a laid back, relaxed quality that blends with the instruments, both digital and traditional. Some have called their music “folktronica”.

“I’m not quite sure that it’s the best term I could use at this point. I think some of the stuff definitely falls under that umbrella, but there is some rock, there is some jazz, there is some ambiance in it. At this point, especially the last set has become dynamic and pretty pop and rock influenced,” explained Feibusch.

Howard has received praise from reviewers like NPR Music, which called Howard, “one of our favorite new discoveries so far this year.”

There are four band members on stage during the show with drums, bass, guitar/singer and keyboard and they members have drawn inspiration in their songwriting process from a variety of modern electronic bands.

“I’ve been heavily influenced by a band called The Other Lives. Before we put out our record, I was listening to a lot of the Fleet Foxes, a lot of Aphex Twin, a lot of Four Tet. Stuff in the abstract electronic world. Obviously very Radio head influenced,” Feibusch said.

“Money Can’t Buy” was premiered by Indie Shuffle who said “it finds the perfect balance of folktronic instrumentation, highlighting the band’s potential as one of the genre’s more exciting newcomers.” The song has logged over 4.3 million streams on Spotify. The success is even more impressive considering that Howard is not signed to any label. They remain unsigned.

The tour that comes through Covington is their first full American tour. They have spent time playing in Europe and have had smaller shows states side, but the multi city event is a huge springboard for their career.

“This will be kind of our proper US tour. We’ve done a lot of one offs and mini loops but this will be our first full tour,” Feibusch said.

Howard is already looking ahead to their next project which will be an EP of an assortment of sounds taken from other sources.

“We’re going to be releasing an EP hopefully early this winter called Please Recycle which is purely recycled sounds and stems mashed into entirely new songs, so we’re going to start incorporating a lot of that. It should definitely appeal to a lot of the electronic listeners,” Feibusch said.

For more information on tickets to the Howard and Houndmouth show at The Madison Theater on November 21, visit

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo via Howard on Facebook