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NKY Author Releases New Book on Networking

Local author and networking expert, Brennan Scanlon, recently released his first-ever book in which he co-authored with Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of the world’s largest referral organization, BNI (Business Network International).

Avoiding the Networking Disconnect: The Three Rs to Reconnect is about networking, but it is not your run-of-the-mill networking book. This book is for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales people who want to grow their business through referrals.

The authors, who are leaders in the area of business networking, emphasize the importance of developing meaningful relationships and quality referrals to get real results. In the book, they share their networking insights, as well as stories, statistics and strategies for creating more sales through a tried-and-true approach that champions connections rather than competition.

The book provides a five-step approach for building and maintaining strong business networks, but the steps go far beyond simply showing up at events and passing out business cards. The approach demonstrates how to avoid the networking disconnect by cultivating the three Rs of networking – relationships, referrals and results.

“I have put my heart and soul into this book,” said Scanlon. “My lifelong mission is to help people create referrals for life by helping them create the richest relationships of their lives. I believe this book will educate the entrepreneur, the small business owner and the company CEO on how to harness the power of networking, relationships and referrals to get real results.”

Avoiding the Networking Disconnect: The Three Rs to Reconnect is available now at Signed copies with free shipping are $19.95 each.

- Staff report/Photo: Brennan Scanlon (provided)

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