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New Fire Truck Closer to Happening for Bellevue-Dayton FD

Plans have been presented to both the Dayton City Council and the Bellevue City Council and now the Bellevue-Dayton Fire Board has decided to take a step forward in purchasing a new fire truck for the department.

A proposed truck that would be manufactured specially for the department was presented for consideration by Rosenbauer, a large fire truck manufacturer. The cost is roughly $685,000.

Now, the two cities will have to evaluate their financing options or the fire board would have to figure out a way to go it alone. 

The fire department presented the proposal to the Dayton City Council on November 3. The current ladder truck the BDFD uses is 23 years old and costs over $21,000 every year in maintenance. In 2014, the truck had 37 out-of-service days due to the amount of maintenance it required. 

BDFD Firefighter Brian Boyers gave a presentation to city council outlining the details of cost and other information. In his presentation, he said that a new truck is valued at nearly $700,000. The loan estimates he gave were for six years at a 3.78 percent interest rate. That broke down to a cost of $111,685 that would be split evenly by the two cities.

There could be as much as $30,000 in resale of the BDFD existing truck, though Boyers said that estimate was on the optimistic side.

A similar presentation was made to the Bellevue City Council on November 11. 

The trouble with the current truck, a Sutphen Mid Mount Quint, is that it is 23 years old and is also too long to navigate many of the narrow urban streets in the two cities. It is unusable in multiple locations, the department claimed in its presentation. It was offline for 37 days in 2014 for repairs. 

A new truck would be delivered about one year after the contract is signed with Rosenbauer. The department is also urging the two cities to move forward on the purchase by the end of 2015 because new industry standards would possibly increase the cost of the truck by 7 percent, or more than $48,000, they estimate. 

The $685,000 would be financed for six years at a 3.78% interest rate. The monthly payment for each city would be approximately $9,307 or more than $111,000 annually. An ambulance in the department that is costing the cities more than $24,000 each year will be paid off in October of next year. 

The fire board voted unanimously in favor of the truck design, which would be brand new and shorter than the current truck, allowing it to cover more ground in the cities. 

The board has 90 days to finalize a financing plan.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Truck 210 in the Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department (RCN)