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Senator McDaniel Honored with Friends of Kentucky Cities Award

Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill) was honored with a “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award at the Kenton County Mayors Group meeting on Saturday. The “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award is given by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) to legislators who perform outstanding work in the legislature advocating for issues that impact cities across the state.

“I appreciate receiving this honor from the Kentucky League of Cities,” said Senator McDaniel. “In coordination with my colleagues we were able to pass many vital pieces of legislation to Kentucky cities. This includes a bill to address the heroin epidemic in Northern Kentucky and across the state. This award is greatly appreciated and I will take the encouragement into the 2016 session, as I continue to fight to strengthen Kentucky families and create Kentucky jobs.”

“KLC appreciates the dedication and hard work put forth by Senator McDaniel during the 2015 legislative session,” said J.D. Chaney, KLC deputy executive director. “Senator McDaniel worked tirelessly to secure passage of Senate Bill 192, which addressed the state’s heroin problem by providing increased options for substance abuse treatment, tougher penalties for heroin traffickers, as well as other measures. The impact of substance abuse affects quality of life at every level of the community. Senator McDaniel also sponsored Senate Bill 157, which would have addressed the unintended consequences of the anti-spiking provisions of the 2013 pension reforms. While it did not make become law, the bill would not have been possible without his willingness to search for a solution to the pension-related concerns of Kentucky cities.”

Jonathan Steiner, executive director/CEO of the Kentucky League of Cities, also commended Senator McDaniel. “KLC appreciates the relationship we have with Senator McDaniel,” said Steiner. “He sought to address tough policy issues that impacts all Kentucky cities, and we appreciate his support.”

Founded in 1927, the Kentucky League of Cities is a membership association of more than 365 cities across the commonwealth. KLC has offices in Lexington and Frankfort and provides cities, leaders and employees with a number of services, including legislative advocacy, legal services, financial services, community consulting, policy development, research, training and education, and more.

- Staff report/Photo: Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill) was presented with a 2015 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award at Saturday’s Kenton County Mayors Group meeting in Taylor Mill (provided)

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