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Bellevue Schools In Strong Financial Position

The Bellevue Board of Education listened to George Sparks, of accounting firm Barnes and Dennig, relate the results of the annual audit, and he pronounced the district to be very sound. Sparks then explained that because of the foundering state pension fund, the district's portion of the debt would be $1.156 million, which has to be listed as a liability. No one is required to pay the money yet, but Sparks alluded to the fact that it is probably coming, as is, in a few years, another debt for the health care of retirees.
"However, if you paid all your bills that you owed today, including this liability, you would still have about $2.3 million leftover," Sparks said. "You have been proactive in your choices instead of reactive, and you are in good shape."
Superintendent Rob Smith said that the general fund is generally around $2 million.
Dr. David Rust from District Academic Services, reported that the percentage of kids on target for grade level reading is very good, and they have several programs in place that are helping the students stay that way. He said he is looking forward to seeing how the percentages equate to the MAP scores which he should be able to tell the board about in January.
Rust also reported to the board that all the buildings in the district have been re-keyed to a card system which is operated by computer. The next goal is the alarm systems and the upgrading and moving of the keypads which are very old. Then the interior re-keying will occur, but that will take several years, according to Rust.
Bellevue City Councilman Ryan Salzman attended the board meeting and updated the district on the Marianne Theater project, which is expected to become a brewery.
Finally, several students were honored for having a good work ethic in their daily activities. Students who received the award are Jahnasia Denton, Brenden Bailey, Payton Kern, Taytem Sorrell, Jonah Ellis, MaLayah Straub, and Phenix Hundemer from the elementary, and Mackenzie Tiemeyer, Brendon Haas, Jonathan Whitworth, Jaylee Vanover, Rachel Owens, Tyler Webb, and Marissa Thacker.
-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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