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Silver Grove Hopes to Bring New Businesses to City

Silver Grove City Council members on Thursday discussed ways to entice new businesses to town, something it has long struggled with due to the city’s high costs of flood insurance and the school tax.

“One of the things you (Councilman Paul Lindon) talked about was they (Dayton) paid 50% of your rent, the next year, second year, 75%, third year, 100%. After three years they decide I want to move someplace else,” Mayor Neal Bedel said...”Granted, we don’t have a lot of existing businesses here in town right now that would be charging that.”

City Attorney Cameron Blau mentioned that other cities have incentive programs, describing how many are tailored toward either rental or commercial property use and must be fit to that for 3-5 years.  

After the years expire, they can use the property however they choose to do so, he said. As it stands, the city is trying to navigate its way around the two big impediments to businesses coming in and is something it will continue working on to breathe new life into Silver Grove.

City building's roof needs work

The discovery by a worker of roof damage on the city building was recently discovered while the employee was stringing up Christmas lights on the tree next to the building, he told council Thursday.

Several shingles are in bad shape and in need of replacement, he said, and in the event of an ice or snowstorm, leaking could take place. Surprised by the news, Bedel said he would accept three contracting bids for the job just for estimate purposes since it is not an entire roof replacement and encompasses only a small section.

Other Notes

To give or not to give was the Council’s theme on Christmas bonuses, an oft-discussed topic at city meetings for several years. The main question: Is it equal treatment to hand out a bonus to employee A but not employee B, regardless of whether they are full or part-time? Or base it on years of service, as Councilman David Bass pointed out. Bedel: “We talk about this every year…People know what they need to expect every year as opposed to this year, I got $500, last year I only got $100,” he added as an example but wants clarity and consistency on the issue. “Everything has to be performance-based to make it lawful,” Blau said. “Years of service is performance-based; collection of is performance-based…” Although they are Christmas bonuses, the topic will be brought forth once again at January’s meeting to see if the city can make further inroads to finding a consistent way for employees to know what they can expect at the end of each year.

Bedel and fellow Council members informally addressed outgoing Police Chief Doug Holt and thanked him for his years of service and dedication to the citizens of Silver Grove. Holt said it has been an “honor” to serve the city and he was grateful how well he was treated by its people.

Christmas Town in the Grove will take place on Friday, December 11, beginning with a 5 p.m. dinner at Christian Church, 122 West Second Street, with events afterward in Chief Sayers Park at 6 p.m.

-Jason Finnell, RCN contributor