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Bob McCafferty's Father, Siblings Denounce Pardon of Wife Who Killed Him

Relatives of Bob McCafferty are speaking out against the pardon of the wife that killed him while he slept in their Ft. Thomas home.

In his final night in office, Governor Steve Beshear included Cheryl McCafferty among 167 pardons he gave out. She shot Bob McCafferty after what she claimed was years of physical abuse.

"Gov. Steve Beshear’s unexpected pardon of convicted killer Cheryl McCafferty shows a jarring lack of respect for the memory of Bob McCafferty, a lack of respect for his father and siblings, and a lack of respect for the justice system. Gov. Beshear’s pardon completely disregards the findings of a Campbell County jury, who convicted Cheryl McCafferty of manslaughter in March 2009, and the Circuit Judge, who sentenced her to 18 years in prison for this crime," Bob's father and siblings said in a statement. "The Kentucky Parole Board denied her Parole in 2011 after thorough review of the facts of the case and a face to face interview with her. In November 2015, she was reviewed by the Parole Board and received a Serve Out on the sentence.

"We were extremely disappointed and frustrated to first learn about the governor’s pardon from the news media. We weren't afforded the common courtesy of a phone call from his office to let us know about this thoughtless and inexplicable decision. In spite of this pardon, Cheryl McCafferty still committed the heinous act of killing an innocent and defenseless man while he slept. There was no credible evidence of a history of domestic violence presented at the trial.

"Gov. Beshear, in his last day in office, should not have rewarded her illegal actions with a pardon, which we see as an effort to absolve her of the terrible criminal act that took Bob's life. We continue our love and support for Bob and the wonderful life and legacy he leaves behind. He is deeply missed by his extended family and many friends."

McCafferty was among other Northern Kentuckians who received a pardon from the governor on Monday. See the full list here.

-Staff report

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