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Covington-based Company Creating Lincoln Heritage Trail App

Touritz, a Covington-based app development and media company, is creating a new high-tech version of Kentucky’s Lincoln Heritage Trail.

“We believe we can make a great, historic tour even better,” said Steve Oldfield, Touritz co-founder. “We’re updating the features and graphics to create a 'web-app' that will look just as good on your phone as it does on a home computer.”   

The trail features 21 sites that include everything from the Lincoln Birthplace in Hodgenville to the Jefferson Davis monument in Fairview.

“One of my earliest memories is visiting Lincoln’s birthplace.” Oldfield said. “When I was a kid, we were told it really WAS the log cabin where the president was born.” 

Years later, scientific tests revealed it wasn’t old enough to be the actual cabin of the president’s birth.

Each site on the Lincoln Heritage Trail will feature digital photos, text and a quick audio tour. Oldfield and Touritz founder Sean Thomas are also creating a welcome video that features prominent Kentucky historians including Dr. James Klotter and Dr. James Ramage and Lincoln Heritage Trail director Warren Greer.

Oldfield and founder Sean Thomas have also created digital tours for Covington, Fort Thomas and Augusta, Kentucky.

“We’re history buffs who both went back to college to get master’s degrees in Public History,” Oldfield said. “We want to create dynamic websites, apps and video content that get visitors excited about Kentucky’s rich history.”

Oldfield and Thomas received funding and support from business accelerator Uptech in Covington. They are also working with Chris Brock, a Cincinnati-based web developer and founder of Primary.Hosting.

The Touritz version of the Lincoln Heritage Trail is expected to be unveiled next month.

- Staff report/Photo provided