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Learning Center for Children Closer to Arrival in Independence, With Conditions

The Littlest Angels Learning Center is one step closer to opening a new location in Independence after City Council approved Phases 1 and 2 of the project at its regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday night.

Littlest Angels, which currently has a location in Union, is looking to expand at the intersection of McCollum and Old McCollum in Independence.

Paul Boggs of the Crestview Hills-based Wallace Boggs, PLCC law firm, attended the meeting and spoke on the proposal that his client, Littlest Angels, submitted for approval.

According to Planning & Development Services, a number of items of the proposal will have to be changed, most notably a requirement that the front wall of a customer entrance must have 40 percent transparency.

City Attorney Jack Gatlin said that the ordinance can be passed with conditions, which is what council did, receiving a 3-1 vote for passage.

Among the conditions:

  • The front wall of the customer entrance will have 40 percent transparency, including windows.
  • The lighting and signage complies with the DPS requirements.
  • Minor public amenities will be met per DPS requirements.
  • There will be a traffic study conducted before the third phase is presented to council.
  • Utility plans will comply with DPS requirements.

The traffic study was a hot topic at the meeting as well. Littlest Angels did not believe that it should need to conduct a traffic impact study because the business is not big enough to require it. Littlest Angels argued that the Union location does not have 100 cars coming in and out of the business during peak hours and having an impact on the traffic on adjacent streets.

PDS disagreed with the argument and will require the traffic study to be done before the expansion of the building in the third phase.

Other notes:

  • Council approved an ordinance to annex a portion of land behind the Dollar General store on Madison Pike. The land is currently unincorporated.
  • Mayor Chris Reinersman and City Adminstrator Chris Moriconi praised the city for its holiday activities over the weekend, including the Christmas Walk.

-Clayton Castle, RCN contributor

Image via Littlest Angels