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U.S. Marshals Complete Sex Offender Compliance Check in Boone, Kenton

A press conference was held on Thursday morning at the Boone County Sheriff's office in Burlington where Kenny Vanover of the United States Marshals Service presented information about a recent initiative to check on the compliance of sex offenders in the region.

Operation River Cities 2015 took place in November, where the US Marshals Service worked in coordination with multiple local law enforcement agencies to conduct compliance checks to 287 registered sex offenders living within Boone and Kenton Counties. In the operation, three offenders were charged with compliance violations and one person was arrested on an out-standing warrant charge. Two others were arrested on probation violations.

Compliance checks ensure that registered sex offenders follow through on such requirements as updating their home address and keeping off of social media sites among other stipulations. These checks are done by home visits.  

Unlike other types of criminals, over 80 percent of sex offenders are between the ages of 30 to 60 years old. Most of the victims of sex crime are adolescents, but 42 percent of the victims of the local sex offenders were 12 or younger. Part of the problem with tracking sex offenders is that they often relocate to other states. Of the 287 sex criminals in the two local counties, 83 moved to Kentucky from other states.

Many other regions of Kentucky have undergone similar operations in recent years, totaling 78 counties in 18 separate operations. In the past year, the state has seen an increase of 4,000 sex offenders.

“The sex offender population is definitely going up and law enforcement has taken notice,” Vanover said.

-Bryan Burke, associate editor