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Taylor Mill Won't Appeal Permit Issued to New Vape Shop

A new vapor cigarette business is moving into the Remke's Plaza in Taylor Mill after obtaining an operating permit from Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS) which was initially denied by a former employee of the agency, but was since issued by a new employee.

Martin Scribner, formerly of PDS, said that tobacco shops were not a permitted use in the Downtown Taylor Mill (DTM) 1 Zone, but once he left his position, his replacement, Emi Randall, interpreted the language of the zoning code to permit such a use and another employee issued the permit to Club Vape.

Club Vape is preparing to open soon.

The question was raised at the city commission meeting on Wednesday whether an appeal of that permit is in the best interest of the City of Taylor Mill. Both Commissioners Dan Murray and Debby Kreimborg expressed their displeasure of having a vapor cigarette business in the city, but when City Attorney Frank Wichmann agreed with the interpretation that it is in fact a permitted use, the Commission decided not to interfere with Club Vape’s plans.

“I will say that I am not happy about it, but I don’t know much about e-cigarettes,” Kreimborg said.

“They issued a permit when we were under the impression that there wasn’t going to be a permit and we were blindsided, but I would not want to waste city money by going out and appealing it,” Murray said.

Murray said that he has seen news reports that indicate that vapor cigarettes can pose an explosive hazard when used with faulty batteries. Consumers of vapor cigarettes must be 18 or older to purchase the product.

Fire Chief John Steger said that he would research any potential fire risks that may come with such a business.

Club Vape also has locations in Hebron and Florence. 

Vapor cigarettes can be sold at drug stores and grocery stores which is part of the reason why Wichmann agreed with the interpretation that the business is in compliance as a permitted use in DTM1.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that this business would create any problems, or cause any community issues,” City Administrator Jill Bailey said. “The product is legal and is allowed to be sold.”

“If it’s a legal product, I don’t think we should interfere,” said Mayor Dan Bell.

City officials stressed that the Commission is not dissatisfied with Ms. Randall’s performance with PDS.

Traffic Lights

The state is moving forward with the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Wayman Branch and Pride Parkway. The signal will feature above-ground wires and the state is installing it entirely at its own expense. They also determined that the numbers supported a traffic signal be installed at the intersection of Honey Drive and Pride Parkway which will require an underground traffic signal and already the conduit is already in place for it.

The state has requested that the project be managed by the city.

Completion of the Honey Drive signal should take four to six months. A shorter time of one to two months is expected to complete the installation of the signal at Wayman Branch. 

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor