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Newport Schools to Pay Substitute Teachers More

The Newport Board of Education has raised the pay of its substitute teachers.

Under the new salary schedule, substitute teachers receive from $100 to $125 each day based on their level of experience and education. Under the previous pay scale substitute teachers received as little as $88 a day.

The Board of Education also approved incentive pay for substitute teachers:

  • An additional $5 a day for teaching in special education classrooms or at the juvenile detention center.    
  • An additional $40 for substitute teachers working a minimum of 10 days per calendar month.
  • An additional $100 for substitute teachers working 75 days or more within the school calendar year.

Newport Superintendent Kelly Middleton said that two years ago the board developed a deferred compensation match program to reward staff for good attendance. The program has been largely successful with staff attendance of approximately 97 percent. 

The Board of Education also voted two years ago to hire a full-time, permanent substitute teacher for each of the district's schools, which Middleton described as "a very important position for each of our schools."

However, there still have been days where the district have not had enough substitute teachers to cover all classrooms.   

"Besides just having bodies, we want to have the very best people we can find in front of our students every day," Middleton said. "We strive to attract the best possible candidates to substitute teach for each of our schools. Hopefully, increasing their daily rate of pay will help.

"Quality substitute teachers can be difficult to find, and with this pay increase we are not only rewarding and recognizing top talent but, also sending a message that the Newport Independent Schools want the very best for our students,” he said.

The Newport School System is also developing some training sessions for all substitute teachers while also looking at ways to provide more support for our substitute teachers during the school day.

"One of main goals - it's even in our mission statement - is preparing students for the future," Middleton said. "Having the very best substitute teachers is another step toward achieving that goal."

-Staff report

Photo: Newport High School

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