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Ft. Wright Notes: Former Pizza Hut Building May Soon Have New Tenant

Fort Wright City Council discussed a preponderance of ideas at its caucus gathering Wednesday night, many of which have been in the pipeline, while others have re-circulated from nearly a year's worth of debate.

Resident Mike Hargis presented on the possibility of signage going up along the fence lines of the ball fields at St. Agnes, but was met with resistance from council members because a new institutional zone would have to be created. “It would be hard for me to justify why I would create an institutional zone and pay the fee for it when it really only benefits St. Agnes. I think we should come up with a way to make this work. I think it’s kind of ludicrous that we can’t let them put signs up as is…But to create a new zone essentially benefiting one organization and having to pick up the tab for it” cannot be justified, Mayor Dave Hatter said. But Hargis felt that it could be done.

“In the Fort Wright zoning ordinance now, you have no provision for an institutional zone. So basically what you’re doing is updating your own zoning ordinance to allow for an institutional zone where the other cities already have an institutional zone,” he said.

While Council does not see an issue with potential signage, they would like to see parishioners have more skin in the game toward the cause by way of donations to get the ball rolling.

Other notes: 

A Trek bicycle shop may eventually sit in the space formerly occupied by Pizza Hut on Dixie Highway in front of the Christ Hospital Outpatient Center. The delay? Details are being ironed out on the building’s exterior, City Administrator Gary Huff told Council.

Secondly, Council made its preliminary selections to the PDS Council, appointing Adam Feinauer, which will be made official at its next meeting on January 6. 

Regarding further city-wide ongoing street maintenance, Council widely accepted the 2016 Street Improvement Program Proposal for Wolfzorn, Beacon Hill and Oak Hill. But, the proposed four-foot sidewalks in the plan has received pushback from several Council members like Scott Wall, saying that he would not like wider sidewalks taking up space in his front yard. Furthermore, the sidewalk does not make sense for Wolfzorn, he said, because the street is a short cul-de-sac not as heavily traveled upon by walkers.

Fort Wright would join Erlanger in its lawsuit against SD1, if he had his say in the matter, Hatter told council Wednesday night. While he did not receive 100% agreement in feedback, others conceded that the issue still needed further detailed discussion in order to make an informed decision.

The fire department may soon have a grant come its way if everything falls into place regarding the purchase of a fire pumper, fire chief Steve Schewe said. The department’s current pump has an issue with rust and its locking mechanism, among other issues, the chief said. Only permitted one application per year, Schewe told council it would be in the department’s best interests to apply because they already have the money needed to purchase a new pumper sitting in their vehicle fund, a sentiment met with complete agreement from Council members on moving forward.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor