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Ludlow Principals Detail Improvement Plans; District OK's Gym Project

The principals of Ludlow High School and Mary A. Goetz Elementary School on Thursday outlined their Comprehensive School improvement plans, which the state requires for every district.

This year the Commonwealth of Kentucky mandated that a goal be put in their report: to bring up children who are novices into the next category. Goetz principal Jason Steffen explained his seven goals and how the elementary schools are striving to address all the kids, not just the children who need the most help.

"We are targeting certain children on skills they are missing," he explained, "but we are also watching the middle kids and the kids who are making good grades. The intervention time is tiered and it is based on ability, and everyone gets the individualized attention so they get the help they need when they need it."

High School Principal Travis Caudill gave his report of what his school is doing to address the challenges.  

One of the things: insisting that the teachers be more positive about math.

"I figure we are the last stop before they go out in the real world," explained Caudill. " We want them to be literate and to have math skills. And we are not going to sell parents short. We are going to assume 100 percent of them care about their children."

Jenny McMillen recapped the district comprehensive plan.

She also explained a program she is putting into place in January, which will target any adult in the community who has been mulling over the idea of going back to school. There will be two sessions, one on January 25 at 5:30 p.m. and another on January 30 at noon in the cafeteria. McMillen told the board that sometimes the problems of getting a plan in gear to actually go back to school is fraught with problems that people can sometimes see as insurmountable.

If people come to one of these sessions, they will get advice on how to acquire their transcript, put in applications for funding help and decide if they want to go to college full time or part time.  Babysitting will be provided at both sessions. If anyone wants to attend, they should contact Jenny McMillen at the school.

School Superintendent Mike Borchers proudly reported that Cathy Pedro, from the Family Resource office, has gathered presents for 75 families and 225 children, the highest amount yet. He also said that they collected 1,500 items in the canned food drive which will go to the Ludlow Baptist Church pantry and the Bromley Christian Church.

The board approved the proposal for the gym addition project. There were four bids and the lowest bid was $313,402, submitted by Ashley Construction. Though it is still over the price of $200,000 that Borchers wanted to spend, he recommended the board accept the bid because they were on a deadline to get the project done since they had to have somewhere to store equipment which was acquired through grants.

Borchers told the board that the district would launch a fundraising effort to defray some of the cost.

Steps were taken toward installing a new HVAC system for the elementary school was approved at an estimated cost of $721,214. The board also approved a first step for the new roof at the high school, which is the last roof to be replaced in the district. 

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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