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Circus Mojo Makes Crowd Happy at Christmas Show

Circus Mojo put on its Christmas show in front of a good crowd at Saints Boniface and James Church in Ludlow on Saturday night.

The event was a rousing success as donations and funds were raised for the Social Circus Foundation and fans of all ages were thrilled at the many acts performed by the very talented local circus troupe.

Held in the church's second-floor auditorium, those on hand took in the holiday spectacle of group ring juggling, unicyclists, tight-rope walkers, acrobatics, hand-balancing acts, diabolo tricks, an amazing German wheel performance, and the silly antics of the evening's emcee, Pauly the Clown.

It was a terrific family-friendly setting with many laughing children sitting on the floor astounded by the trained professionals doing what they do best: entertaining the local masses.

Also at the show was live music provided by Folk School Coffee Parlor and Renee Harris, Circus Mojo's operations manager. Holiday refreshments came from Ludlow establishments Wynners Cup Cafe and Second Sight Spirits.

Many stood in applause at the end of the show and the performers sang Christmas carols to conclude the event. 

-Bryan Burke, associate editor

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