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Dayton Man Who Saved Neighbor from Inferno Honored by Fire Board

The Bellevue-Dayton Fire Board honored a resident at its meeting last week with a Civilian Commendation Award.

James Siereveld sprang to action on October 9 when his neighbors home became engulfed in flames -- and she was still inside. "She had a stroke and was wheelchair bound," Siereveld said. He was asleep at home next door when the fire broke out, but jumped up quickly and raced across the yard. Siereveld kicked in his neighbor's door and found her on the floor.

"I didn't see much. If she didn't make a sound I wouldn't have seen her," he said. Siereveld scooped up the woman and dragged her to the back door where emergency responders were waiting, having just arrived. 

"I hope someone would do it for me if I'm in the same situation," Siereveld said.

Fire Chief Michael Auteri thanked and congratulated Siereveld for his heroism and noted that there was an oxygen tank inside the neighbor's house which was fully engulfed, creating a dangerous situation.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher


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James Siereveld and son pose with Chief Michael Auteri
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