Bengal Claims He Was Racially Profiled, Kicked Out of Florence Store

A Cincinnati Bengal is accusing the Florence location of Toys R Us of racially profiling him. Take a look at the video that James Wilder, a member of the Bengals practice squad, posted to Facebook:


Trying to Christmas shop for my family and I get Accused of stealing at toy r us a full basket of toys n said I was here earlier left n came back to steal more even though I walked in less than 5 min ago...I ask to look at cameras to show him he obviously has me mistaken he says no come to the front calls cops it happens to be 4 all white cops come in and kicks me out saying he doesn't want me here shopping in disturbing his customers when I was minding my business and he came up to to me disturbing my shopping...I was publicly humiliated, offended and embarrassed with people recording the whole situation as if I was really trying to steal because of the manager MIKE BOILING decides to be racist toward me!!!!!

Posted by James J-dub Wilder on Monday, December 21, 2015

Wilder also took to Twitter, but to apologize for his original reaction:

As a professional I apologize to everyone for my unprofessional rant about toys r us cause a few officers and one managers act

Not backing down at all the matter is being handled the right way through people who support me,I'll trust the job will be handled correctly

Never would I want to take attention away from the bengals organizations success for negative press of an individual like I!!!

Go Bengals!!! #Whodey

According to WCPO, Toys R Us is investigating the matter.

-Staff report