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Teen Arrested After Dayton Fire

A crowd gathered Sunday on Brooklyn Street hours after a vacant home was torched. Among those checking out the damage was a teenager who drew the attention of Dayton Police officers. 

"They pulled him aside and asked what he was doing and he said he was watching and said he knew who did it and started naming people," Police Chief David Halfhill told The River City News on Monday. The boy was later brought to the station where officers detected the smell of smoke on his person. "They called him out on it."

And then, Halfhill said, the boy confessed.

The fire was started on Sunday with the use of a lighter and an accelerant, likely something from an aerosol can, the chief said. The boy is charged with arson and because he is not an adult, his name is being withheld. 

The burned house was empty and the property is currently in foreclosure. No one was injured, Halfhill said.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher