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Editorial: In 2016, Covington Kroger Location Worth Checking Out Again

It doesn't look like a million bucks but it definitely looks like $740,000.

That's how much the Kroger Company invested in its grocery store on Madison Avenue in Covington, one of the last locations in the Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati market to be renovated.

The effort was much needed and was worth every penny.

If you are one of the many Kroger shoppers who refused to patronize the once-dingy and dated Madison Avenue location, we urge you to give it another look. The investment by Kroger has created a cleaner, brighter, and friendlier store.

The Madison Avenue Kroger has long been a point of contention for urban living enthusiasts. A grocery store in the city is a necessity, but this particular location was often criticized for its appearance, its employees' attitudes, and its overall lacking selection (and questionable quality of what was available). The store was cramped, the space was dirty, there were no self-check out lanes, and it was just a generally bad shopping experience.

Rumors of a serious upgrade first surfaced in 2013 but were eventually shot down by a company spokesperson when asked by The River City News. In late 2014, signs began to emerge that the location was going to be cleaning up its act. That was a positive sign since a retail expert told the City of Covington that its urban core could not support a larger grocery store.

A year ago, the store's produce section was cleaned up. Then, in August, The River City News exclusively reported the details of the full $740,000 renovation.

So, what's new? Well, the store is clean and approachable, and employees seem to go out of their way to say hello and to offer a helping hand. The walls have been painted, the aisles have been reorganized, and signage has been replaced to reflect a more modern Kroger store. There is more variety in available product, the produce section is appealing and fresher looking, and best of all, there are now self-check out lanes that allow for quicker stops, in and out.

After years of not meeting the needs of downtown Covington's residents who had the option of going elsewhere, the Madison Avenue Kroger is worth a look as a first-choice for Kroger customers. 

It took a while for the company to do the right thing but it finally did. The change is impressive and this review would be even better if the floor had been replaced, too. But, that's what make the store look like $740,000 and not a million bucks.

So, if you've avoided this location for any period of time, give it a second or third chance. The company's investment is worth a shot.

-The River City News

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