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Lucky Duck Pub Set to Open Second Location in Taylor Mill

The Lucky Duck Pub will soon open a new location next to Remke Market in Taylor Mill. It was important for Arica and Zach Fields to find a community that they could quickly become involved in.

“We looked at several different areas and we didn't want to just settle on one. We wanted to make sure it was the right fit and we're very happy with this,” Zach said.

“As we were progressing and trying to figure out what makes us special, it is that we are really trying to service a community. We want to be a lot of things to a lot of people,” Arica said. “When we started talking about coming to Taylor Mill, we received a great response from people locally who can't wait for us to open because there is nothing like us around here.”

Now that they are in the space at the Shoppes at Taylor Mill (5028 Old Taylor Mill Road) and are nearing their January 23 debut, the Fields are excited to see how the community develops around them now that the Kentucky 16/Pride Parkway/Taylor Mill Road project is completed and the Districts of Taylor Mill development is well underway.

“I think the area is going to grow and we are very excited to be on the ground floor of that,” Zach said. “We're not naive to the fact that competition will pop up in the next few years. The area will be developed and I think it will matter that we're the first ones.”

The space was formerly a Skyline Chili and a dance academy that was renovated into one larger area for Lucky Duck, which also has a location in Burlington. Old walls came down and new walls were put up, cement was poured for the floor, a custom bar was built along with table tops, and a new ceiling was installed. Once ready to open, the pub will feature 20 beer taps and a lot of variety on the menu. For entertainment purposes, Lucky Duck will feature a 140 square-inch projector screen for big games on television, and when not in use, the screen will ascend into the ceiling, clearing a spot for dart boards on the wall.

“We're trying to be crafty with utilizing the space,” Arica said.

Though the new pub will open on January 23, there are plans for an official grand opening celebration in February, after any possible kinks are worked out. One of the challenges is hiring a whole new staff without having the space ready for full training.

“This is the toughest thing we will have to do because a second location means we will have to double our staff,” Zach said. “Having only one location to train people at has been probably the most difficult thing. We've hired 25 more people, but we don't have the space to train them and we are waiting for this facility to be finished, that way we can get everybody in here and show them what to do.”

In 2010, the family purchased the Oakbrook Cafe in Burlington and operated under that name for a few years before remodeling, expanding and rebranding the establishment as the Lucky Duck Pub. Now the Fields family, along with investor Jimmy Glass, have their new location looking similar to the Burlington pub, but with it's own dimensions and accents.

“The biggest difference between the two places is that in Burlington, we took over a business that was already operating. We bought Oakbrook Cafe and we never closed. We were open the first day that we bought it and everything that we've done has been its own project,” Zach said. “Here, we were able to design our own space because in Burlington, we could only do so much without tearing out walls.”

The new place promises to have some new made-from-scratch items on the menu like a pork belly sandwich, French onion soup, white chili, and more.

“We've really taken the menu to the next level,” Zach said. “This place has allowed us to take the opportunity to really evaluate everything and look at what Lucky Duck Pub is going to be as a brand and what we want to offer and the things we want to focus on. Having those unique items on the menu is very important to us.”

The Lucky Duck Pub will be open every day of the week from 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. at both locations beginning with the opening of the Taylor Mill spot. While the Fields are focused on making their two restaurants as good as they can be, they still have an eye for even more locations in the future.

“That's what our goal is,” Arica said. “We kind of want to ride the wave as much as we can and grab a hold of the opportunity.”

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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