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Candidates So Far: Here's Who Running in Kenton & Campbell Counties

We are fewer than three weeks away from the filing deadlines for candidates seeking office in the 2016 primaries. 

There are not many names to report yet, but some candidates are getting an early start, incumbents and challengers alike. 


Covington Mayor

Sherry CARRAN (incumbent)


The Covington mayor's race requires a primary if there are more than two candidates. In such a case, the top two vote-getters in the May 17 primary will advance to the general election in November.

Covington City Commission

Stuart Davis WARREN

Brandon MIMS

Clayton SHULL

The four incumbents have not yet filed for reelection. In Covington City Commission races, if more than eight candidates file, there is a primary election in May to whittle the field to eight. In November, the top four vote-getters are elected.

Erlanger City Council

Randy BLANKENSHIP (incumbent)

Corine L PITTS (incumbent)

Victoria KYLE (incumbent)

Kevin BURKE (incumbent)

Don SKIDMORE (incumbent)

John "J.D." DUNHOFT (incumbent)

Gary C. MEYER (incumbent)


Vincent BOHMAN

Renee SKIDMORE (incumbent)

Patty SEUDKAMP (incumbent)

In Erlanger, a primary is held if more than 24 candidates enter the field. In November, up to 24 candidates vie for 12 seats on council. Mayor Tyson Hermes was elected in 2014 and his seat is not up for election again until 2018.


Newport Mayor

Though no one has filed for the office of Newport mayor, including incumbent Jerry Peluso, one person has announced his candidacy. Community organizer Josh Tunning told a crowd of supporters at Reser Bicycle Outfitters on Monday that he will seek the office of mayor in Newport. Similar to Covington, in Newport, if there are more than two candidates for mayor, there will be a primary election in May to whittle the field to 2.

Newport City Commission

Beth FENNELL (incumbent)

Frank PELUSO (incumbent)

John C. HAYDEN (incumbent)

If more than 8 candidates file, there will be a primary election in May. In November, the top 4 vote-getters will be elected.

Fort Thomas City Council

Jeff BEZOLD (incumbent)

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