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Bromley Resident Worried About Heroin Activity; Questions Raised About Special Meeting

Allen King, a resident of Shelby and Rohman streets in Bromley, came to the regular Bromley council meeting Wednesday night to warn council that the war on drugs has come to his street.

"I saw a person shooting up in his car on this street," King said. "A couple weeks later it happened again, only this time it was a couple, and a neighbor called the police and the female drove away with a needle in her arm. Another time there was a drug deal happening right on the street, and I went out and chased the guy, but he got away. I know all communities are having trouble with drugs, but I didn't expect this to be right here on my street. I would like suggestions about what can be done about this."

Bromley contracts with the City of Park Hills for police services and Chief Cody Stanley was present and listened intently to what King had to say. He told King that he had initiated walk-throughs in the apartment complex down the street where they suspect drug activity has taken place, and he agreed that since the activity seemed to have increased recently, he would authorize checking the rentals in the area to see if someone has recently moved in who is actively selling drugs.

"I do think someone around here is selling," King agreed. "This has to be more than me. This is a great community -- turning our back on the problem is not an option. I had someone break into my house who was on heroin, and it won't happen again."

Chief Stanley asked for information from King and promised to give him information so that they could communicate whenever King would see any incidents so that they can try to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

What happened in Bromley on Tuesday night?

Patty Grimes from Crescent Springs asked Mayor Donnie Jobe what happened at the meeting that was held Tuesday evening and Jobe said it was a special meeting called so that council could discuss a few items, one of which was Main Street, another was Advanced Life Support (ALS) service), and simpler times. Grimes pressed further, asking what was discussed about the ALS, and Jobe told her that the matter was turned over to a committee who will look into it and do research about contracts.

With that he went on with the meeting.

Asked about the Tuesday meeting and Grimes' questions by The River City News after the meeting, Jobe declined to elaborate.

Other notes:

Council passed a resolution taking the property at 509 Main street by eminent domain for the public purpose of fixing the intersection. What the city wants to do is raze the building and put in a stone based digital welcome sign for the city. Because the property is somewhat elevated, it will not be as subject to possible flooding.

Chief Stanley talked to council about his monthly report and then asked council if they wanted to renew the contract with the city of Park Hills until the year 2020. Apparently the current contract had two more years, but council decided to go ahead and renew the contract.

Councilman Charlie Foulks proposed raising the salary of the mayor and the council starting next year, but council voted it down.

Finally, councilwoman Gail Smith said that the auditor would be present next month and she again asked council to submit any projects, along with a dollar amount, to her so she can include it into  the new budget.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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