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With New Year, Campbell Police Take Over Crime Fighting & Safety Duties in Silver Grove

For Silver Grove, the New Year ushers in a new police department patrolling the city limits, as Campbell County Police officially took over the reigns from the now-dissolved Silver Grove department on January 1.

As the residents adjust to the new presence, several officers from the county in attendance at this week's city council meeting wanted to convey the message that one of their highlights in coverage would be school grounds. Their chief concern? Making sure children are able to cross the street safely, in addition to ensuring that drivers slow down in the area along West Third Street where the school is located.

Also on Thursday evening, resident Daniel Roberts, mired in a months-long issue with a sewer lateral and subsequent hole in the ground in the front of his property, may be closer to a resolution after all. Mayor Neal Bedel commended Roberts for his patience and attitude despite the issue keeping him from living at home.

“I want to apologize for you being out of your house for as long as you have, dealing with the problem for as long as you have. Even more than that, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your understanding. I don’t know how many times you’ve said it, ‘I can’t ask the city to do something they think is right for just one guy,’ and I really appreciate that. You’ve been extremely nice about all of this. Your phone calls, your emails, nothing has been testy or nasty at all…The situation you’re in, I can’t guarantee I would have been the same way,” Bedel commended Roberts.

“I would hope nobody sitting at this table would make a decision based upon the betterment of one or two people. You have to take the city’s best interests at heart,” Roberts told the Mayor. “It’s a team-first kind of attitude.”

Other Notes:

Council passed a resolution of the Commission of the City of Silver Grove, appointing John Fessler to the Campbell County and Municipal Board of Adjustment.

Mayor Bedel wants Silver Grove to take advantage of the tax money bestowed upon the city from Continental Building Products (formerly LaFarge Gypsum), its largest employer, by forming committees centered on economic development and beautification of the town. Bedel added he’d like to get local business owners involved and those that would like to volunteer towards to goal of securing grants for future initiatives.

The city building at 307 Oak Street now contains two computers that will soon be available for residents to use for non-recreational purposes such as job searching, school, etc.

Continental Building Products will join a sizeable list of employers at a job fair taking place from 12-4 p.m. on January 20 at the Kentucky Career Center in Covington, 1324 Madison Ave.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor