Villa Hills Mayor Declares Snow Emergency

Per the order of Mayor Butch Callery, the City of Villa Hills has declared a snow emergency effective at 11:00 a.m. today. The city is asking that all vehicles parked on city streets be removed to allow Public Works personnel to treat the roads. The snow emergency will remain in effect for at least four hours after the snowfall stops to allow crews to clear the streets. It may remain in effect longer if more time is needed to clear city streets.

Significant snow accumulation is expected in the afternoon on Friday continuing into Saturday. Residents are asked to assist by not shoveling snow back onto the roadways and by clearing snow from around fire hydrants. Road crews cannot come back to clear plowed in driveway aprons.

Snow emergencies are declared by the Mayor or automatically take affect when 2 inches or more of accumulation has fallen.

For more information, please contact the Villa Hills Police Department.

- Staff report/Image via Facebook