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24 People File to Run for Erlanger City Council

We almost had ourselves a primary election the race for Erlanger City Council.

In most places, that would not be unusual, but in Erlanger, that would mean that 25 people filed to run.

Instead, 24 people are expected to appear on the ballot in the race for 12 seats.

All the candidates will advance to the general election in November.

The candidate list includes all 12 incumbents: Kathy Cahill, Renee Skidmore, John Dunhoft, Bill Howard, Don Skidmore, Thomas Cahill, Gary Meyer, Kevin Burke, Patty Suedkamp, Corine Pitts, Randy Blankenship, and Victoria Kyle. 

Three candidates who lost in the 2014 race are back on the ballot for another try: James Brown, Shane Longshire,  Jim Speier

New challengers include: Jessica Fette, Stephen Montgomery, Tom Kolkmeier, Lawrence Wonderling, Lawrence McElheny, Joseph Engels, Vincent Bohman, Mark Setters, Donald Niceley.

The River City News will be covering the campaign every step of the way, so follow us online, on Facebook, and on Twitter for the latest.

-Staff report

Photo via Erlanger-Elsmere Schools