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Audit Shows Good Fiscal Health in Highland Heights

The City of Highland Heights had a financially successful 2014-2015 Fiscal Year according to the annual audit report presented at the regularly-scheduled meeting of the Highland Heights City Council last week.

Adam Demoss, who is contracted from a firm in Lexington, presented his findings to the city council.

According to Demoss, the city had a successful year, after the city did not go over-budget overall, despite going under-budget on expenditures by $45,000 and over-budget on revenues by $179,000.

Overall, the city’s revenues increased (from 2014) by $80,000 or two percent, while the city’s expenditures decreased (from 2014) by $85,000 or 2 percent.

The numbers of the 2014-2015 were very comparable to the Fiscal Year 2013-2014, according to Demoss.

Other notes:

  • Council passed a number of ordinances regarding the block grant it received to help fund the Highland Village Senior Center project, being built in Highland Heights. According to one of the resolutions, the city of Highland Heights will not be responsible for any cost overruns of the construction of the project, and will not be financially responsible for any costs outside of the $500,000 block grant that the city was approved for in December. Newport Millennium Housing Corporation 3 will be responsible for any cost overruns of the project.

Written by Clayton Castle, RCN contributor