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Dixie Grad Admitted to Highly Selective Berea College Program

A 2014 graduate of Dixie Heights High School was accepted into the highly selective Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) summer institute program. A large pool of candidates applied to be part of the 12th cohort, according to a news release from Berea.

James Bryson McCarthey and 19 others members will commit themselves to EPG's mission, which provides a learning experience for undergraduate students to practice and implement Entrepreneurial Leadership in rural communities of central Appalachia. Over the next eight weeks, McCarthey and his fellow cohorts will learn about the people of these rural areas and tackle problems in sustainable ways, ultimately improving the lives of Appalachians and themselves as social entrepreneurs, Berea said in an announcement.

Over the course of the EPG summer institute, young adults learn to cultivate skills that promote creativity, leadership, teamwork, social interaction, and entrepreneurship. Ths year, students will use their skills with modern technology to promote the progressive change in the lives of those living in poverty stricken towns in eastern Kentucky. Each member is equipped with an iPad, allowing them access to apps to promote local business and to help stem the tides of poverty.

The institute is a 2-year commitment. Each member is required to pursue an internship in the summer after. McCarthey hopes to become a physician and said that his internship would be centered around medical research opportunities.

-Staff report

Photo: Berea College (via Wiki Commons)

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